6/10/2020 EBLU

Tortoise's TBLU Named a 2020 Finalist for an ETF Award

LEAWOOD, KS – June 10, 2020 – Tortoise, today announced that the Tortoise Global Water ESG Fund (TBLU) was named a finalist for Fund Intelligence’s 2020 ESG/Impact ETF of the Year. The impressive shortlist is comprised of individuals and firms who have submitted entries or have been nominated via the online submission process, as well as through recommendations from leading market participants.

“It is an honor to make the shortlist, especially in this particular category given Tortoise’s focus on making an impact,” said Director of Exchange Traded Products, Scott Ellspermann. “We believe water is one of the most essential assets and that the companies that manage, treat, and distribute water are critical to global economic growth and social stability.”

TBLU tracks the Tortoise Global Water ESG Index, which is comprised of companies that make conscientious efforts to positively impact the world environmentally, socially and with solid governance, and are poised to participate in and benefit from growth in the water industry. The index is a proprietary, rules-based, modified capitalization-weighted, float-adjusted index comprised of companies that are materially engaged in the water infrastructure or water equipment/services industries. Water infrastructure companies are those whose principal business is providing public water distribution or supporting/enhancing water distribution infrastructure via engineering, construction and/or consulting. Water equipment/ services companies are those engaged in the business of producing water equipment, such as pipes, valves and pumps, or providing water services, such as filtration, treatment and testing.

At Tortoise, we invest in what we believe are essential assets, those that are critical to the economy, have historically provided a steady cash flow and benefit society. Water is one of the most essential assets - the companies that manage, treat, and distribute water are critical to economic growth and social stability. For more information on how TBLU is Making an Impact without sacrificing performance and the latest fund ratings, click here.

The annual Mutual Fund Industry & ETF Awards Ceremony will take place virtually on July 23, 2020.

Source: Mutual Fund Industry & ETF Awards 2020

Mutual Fund Industry & ETF Award Methodology

The shortlists and winners are comprised of individuals and firms who have submitted entries or been nominated via the online submission process, as well as through recommendations from leading market participants. Judges will use the submitted application material, as well as any uploaded supplemental information, to determine which firm, individual or product they believe to be the most suitable and deserving winners for each category. Judges have the discretionary power to move nominations into alternative categories that they think may be more suitable.

The asset manager sales, marketing and leadership awards and the fund director awards will be adjudicated by a panel of industry experts convened by the Fund Intelligence and Fund Directions editorial teams. The industry judges, who must declare any conflict, will contribute their sector expertise to assess the shortlist of candidates and come to a decision on the winners. A separate panel of industry experts will judge the ETF categories. Additional information may be obtained at https://mutualfundindustryawards.awardstage.com/#!/judging

About Tortoise

Tortoise invests in assets and services that serve essential needs in society and can also serve essential client needs, such as diversification and income. Through a variety of investment vehicles, Tortoise provides a wide range of client solutions, focused on their evolving needs. Tortoise’s actively researched indices fill a void in the essential asset universe and provide a platform for passively managed exchange-traded products.

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Tortoise Index Solutions, LLC is the adviser to the Tortoise Global Water ESG Fund and is a registered investment advisor providing research-driven indices that can be used as a realistic basis for exchange-traded products and thought leadership in the universe of essential assets. Its indices are intended to fill a void in the market and provide benchmarks and investable asset class universes for use by investment professionals, research analysts and industry executives to analyze relative performance as well as to provide a basis for passively managed exchange-traded products. Vident Investment Advisory, LLC serves as sub-adviser to the Fund.

The fund’s investment objective, risks, charges and expenses must be considered carefully before investing. The summary and statutory prospectus contains this and other important information about the fund and may be obtained by calling 844-TR-INDEX (844-874-6339) or visiting www.tortoiseadvisors.com. Read it carefully before investing.

Investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. Investment in the water infrastructure and management industry may significantly affect the value of the shares of the fund. Companies in the water industry are subject to environmental considerations, taxes, government regulation, price and supply fluctuations, competition and water conservation influences.

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