Tax Information
Tortoise North American Pipeline Fund (NYSE Arca: TPYP)

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Annual 1099-DIV

Ticker CUSIP Total Distributions
Per Share
Total Ordinary
Box 1a
Box 1b
Capital Gain
Box 2a
Box 3
TPYP 56167N720 $0.9120 $0.5261 $0.3724 $0.0000 $0.3859
  1. Ordinary dividends are taxed at ordinary income tax rates.
  2. The portion of ordinary dividends characterized as qualified dividend income will be taxable at the reduced capital gain tax rates if the stockholder meets the holding period requirements.
  3. Capital gain distributions (long-term) are taxed at the reduced capital gain tax rates.
  4. Nondividend distributions are nontaxable and considered return of capital.